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Sure you have questions. Everyone does. Unless you know everything, in which case we’d like to hire you as our new business consultant. What do we do about the constant paper jams?! All others may visit their inquiry below.

But first, we're going to teach you how to fish for yourself. To save everyone a little time (except us because we already wrote all this), go to the top of of the page and click "Help", sometimes translated among the desperate as the "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?!" button. Chances are, you can find your answer there. Think of the "Help" button as the wise old man that lives on top of a mountain, bestowing knowledge upon those with the humility to seek it with seemingly endless stores of patience. Think of the FAQs page as the Visitor's Center at the foot of the mountain, answering any questions the old fool missed, selling free coffee and "wise old man" action figures and totally ruining the novelty of it all. If nothing on that page answers your question, then we guess we'll see you back here soon, won't we?

Renting Basics

Q: So you guys are like Redbox?
A: As you may imagine, we get this one a lot. And our answer is: Please. We just met. Don’t insult us.

Q: How does it work?
A: Not a bad question. It’s simple, really. Just remember the Omnibox rental formula: Select – Swipe – Return. Step right up to the screen, select your pleasure, and when you’re brought to the details page, select “rent” or “buy”. Easy, peasy, rice and cheesy. You’ll then be brought to your shopping cart, in which case you’ll have the option to rent another title, checkout, or enter your coupon code. After either option, you’ll swipe your card, the kiosk will spit your movie at you, and you’ll be on your merry way.

Q: How does payment work?
A: Another fine question, one we want to make sure you’re clear about. You accumulate fees per night, per DVD, plus tax. Sorry for the bad news, but you knew it was coming. You are not charged when you first swipe your card, but you are charged when you return the movie. The kiosk accepts debit and credit cards. It does not accept cash. The kiosk preauthorizes your card for the purchase price of the DVD or game, in the extremely unlikely event that you don’t return your disc. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Q: How often are movies updated?
A: Only the best and most popular movies are put into the kiosk every Tuesday for you, dear Public. Whenever a new release is… well, released, expect to find it in the kiosk Tuesday morning. Here’s the cool part, though: Omnibox is not tied to the 28-day release agreement that Netflix and Redbox are. That’s right! We get new movies when they’re actually released, not a month later. Get new movies from us and be the first to see new releases.

Q: Do guys stock Blu-Ray?
A: Who doesn’t?

Q: Do your machines rent video games?
A: Absolutely. However, we have limited inventory and cannot guarantee we’ll have every game for every console. Check Omniboxdvd.com to see what’s available in each kiosk. As demand grows, we’ll expand our inventory; more games for more consoles! Don’t see a game you want? Have a crack at our idea generator and request it. If we get enough requests for a game, we’ll get it! Power to the players!

Q: Can I reserve my movies?
A: What type of rental company would we be if you couldn’t? On Omniboxdvd.com, you can find a kiosk near you, browse its contents and see what’s available, and reserve a movie/game especially for you! Your title will be reserved for 12 hours! If you browse the contents of a machine without making a reservation, though, we can’t guarantee your movie will be there. But your girlfriend likes twiddling her thumbs on your couch, right?

Q: What happens if I don’t pick up a movie or game I reserved?
A: Ouch. We reserved that title especially for you! We said, “Sally will be here to pick up Twilight at 7! Make sure it’s here!” But you stood us up (tear drops). Unfortunately, you will be charged the first night’s rental because we made sure no one else could rent it. Sorry for the tough love.

Q: How many DVDs can I have out at once?
A: For normal rentals, you can have as many DVDs as you can pay for (and successfully preauthorize on your credit card). For memberships, which encompasses a ludicrously low monthly fee for unlimited rentals, 1-3 rentals can be out of the kiosk at once, depending on the membership level.

Q: What is the daily deadline before I am charged another day’s rental?
A: You have until 11:11:11pm the following calendar day to return the movie or game before the kiosk charges your card for another day.

Q: Why do you guys have such a weird return time?
A: Do we tell you how to live your life?!

Q: Is there a deadline after which time my rental will be deemed “purchased”?
A: Indeedy-do. From the first rental day, you have 14 days to rent out the movie(s), after which your card will be charged the purchase price of the DVD or game and it will officially be yours. Remember: that’s two weeks! Or as the Bard would say, “a fortnight”. That’s for all you Shakespeare buffs out there.

Q: Where do I return the movie?
A: You can return your movie/game form the kiosk you first rented from, or you can return it to any other Omnibox! Behold our vast network! Well, it’s growing anyway… Your card will be charged the applicable fees plus tax upon a successful return.

Q: Just out of a morbid sense of curiosity, what happens if I keep my DVD or game past the 14-day rental cutoff period?
A: Your credit/debit card will be charged the amount that was preauthorized when you first swiped your card, usually the purchase price and no more than that. In the off-chance we didn't preauthorize your card for the purchase price (say, a lower amount because we trusted you) and you exceed the 14 day limit and don't have enough funds in your bank account to cover the price of the title, then your little plastic thief, known in some communist countries as Visa or Mastercard, will be banned from every kiosk. Basically, the card you used in the first place becomes a leper and you can no longer rent or purchase movies out of any kiosk with it again. We put a pox on your credit card number and it essentially becomes... oh, what did they call it during the Cold War? Oh, yeah: blacklisted.

Q: No! I don't want to be a pariah! How can I get back in Omnibox's good graces if that were to happen?!
A: Fear not, for Omnibox is merciful. We want to give you every excuse to have a good time, lest it be said we're a wrathful company. "Wrathful" would clash with our criminal profile on our About Us page. If your card is ever flagged, all you have to do is then make sure the appropriate amount of funds are in the account that was linked with your blacklisted card. Our software continues attempting to withdraw the funds from your account until it gets something. Of course, this doesn't go on forever. The Withdrawal Attempt Period is no shorter than a week and no longer than a month. So please, please, please make sure the funds are available the minute you know you've been flagged. Once the funds are withdrawn, all is forgiven and you can continue to use the same card.

Q: What do I do with any extra crap that comes in the jewel case?
A: Sheesh. Don't overthink it. If any extras come in your box, it's largely up to you what you do with them, depending on what it is. For instance, games may come with the player's manual. As a courtesy, we ask that you kindly keep it with the game when you return it so the next player can use it. If there are any special offers or coupons in your disc case, you can use them (most preferable option), leave them in the box for the next renter if you don't (second most preferable option), or throw them away (waste management's most preferable option. They call it job security).

If there are multiple discs in the case, please be aware that they will ALL be tagged. If you lose any of these discs, you may incur a damage fee, known among the more disgruntled as the crybaby fee. Even so, the general rule of thumb is this: unless there are usable offers or coupons in the case, return the disc exactly the way you rented it with the exact same content that was in the case. Please and thank you.


Q: What if I want to buy a movie?
A: You have two options (because here at Omnibox, we like options): you can buy a movie/game directly from a kiosk (you can make the purchase on the spot or buy in advance from the website. We will soon be implementing a "warehouse" inventory of titles that leave the kiosk after time for purchase online) or you can just keep the movie past the cutoff period (14 days). Your card will then be charged the purchase price. All movies and games in the kiosk are available for rental or purchases, so you have the option to buy new releases right off the bat.

Q: What if I want to buy an older title that is no longer in the kiosks?
A: Check our website at Omniboxdvd.com and take a look at our inventory. We typically like to keep our titles for a bit in case those who enjoy the classics (like yourself) wish to purchase them. You’ll pay a low fee (remember, Omnibox will be one of the most affordable places to buy movies and games), and we’ll ship the movie to your door! We cannot guarantee that any particular title will be in stock.

Q: I see you guys have video games. Do you sell gaming consoles, too?
A: Yes we do! We ship any console of your choice upon request. Can’t find that new Xbox anywhere? Don’t want to endure the ennui of everlasting checkout lines or eternal parking spot searches? Order a gaming system from us! It’s totally convenient! Free shipping and handling and it’ll be at your door in 48- 72 hours!

Q: How do I get a receipt for my purchases?
A: If you purchase a movie or game directly out of the kiosk and enter your email address at that time, you can have a receipt emailed to you from Omniboxdvd.com. If you purchase an older title from the website, you will receive a purchase confirmation. But you will not receive a receipt if you do not enter your email!

Q: I purchased the wrong item. Wrong movie, wrong version, wrong game, birthday boy didn’t want it, (insert excuse here). Can I get a refund?
A: You always think it'll happen to someone else. Regrettably, we do not offer refunds. The item in question is now your lovechild to nourish forevermore.

Coupon Codes, Memberships, and Subscriptions

Q: Does Omnibox offer gift cards?
A: Yes, we do! They make great gifts. Who wants to pay for their own movies? Ask your kiosk's host location for details. We'll be implementing an online payment system soon, too.

Q: Does Omnibox offer membership subscriptions?
A: Another affirmative. We offer competitive subscriptions. Choose your plan; we have them starting out as low as $3. Want only movies? Want only games? Want both? Have your cake and eat it, too! Pay a low monthly fee and get free movies and games the rest of the month. Commence happy dance now.

Q: Is there a difference between a "member" and a "subscriber"?
A: Good thing you asked; we almost forgot about this one (wipes forehead). A "member" is someone who is registered with Omnibox, and can reserve movies, rate movies and games, leave comments, and find a kiosk and browse its contents, among other goodies, but does not currently pay for a monthly subscription. A "subscriber" is a member who subscribes. Pretty revelatory, isn't it? Basically, a subscriber someone who pays a low monthly fee and receives free movies and/or games on a monthly basis. Sooo... you should do both. Today. Like, now.

Q: How do I become a member or subscriber?
A: Welcome, brethren. We've been expecting you. To become a member, register your email address and confirm it. You can do either at the kiosk or online. Then you'll be beholden to such boons as online reservations, the ability to rate movies and leave comments (because you know how everyone likes to hear your two cents), find a kiosk near you and browse its contents, among other things... To become a subscriber, you must first become a member. Once you take that glorious step, you can go online and view your account and subscribe there.

Q: Coupon codes! How do I get them?
A: Pretty easily, actually. We send them out periodically when you sign up as a member, sometimes in your rental receipt, for birthdays, or sometimes just for the heck of it. You can even accumulate points as a member to "buy" coupon codes with. When you get enough points, cash them out on your account. Some codes are good for a certain number of rentals, while other codes are time-sensitive, meaning that they can bestow an unlimited number of rentals for a limited period of time.

Q: Hold up. What do you mean I can accumulate reward points toward free rentals?
A: We thought that would catch your eye. You didn't think we wouldn't reward you for being a member, did you?
Puh-leeze. We got your back like a buttcrack. Accumulate points for being a part of the Omnibox family. When you sign up as a member, take a look at "My Credits" under "My Account". You get points for registering as a member, for leaving comments, for reserving or buying titles online, when you make a wish list, for subscribing to email recommendations, for rating movies, and for renting or buying movies out of the kiosk. You even get points just for logging in or when your comments are noted as "helpful" by other members. We want to make sure you get your money's worth out of us. Trust us: if we could give you points for breathing, we would.

Q: I'm a subscriber. Can I still use coupon codes?
A: You could, but it would be a colossal waste. That's the bad news. The good news: if you're a subscriber, you don't need them. You've already paid your dues; your rentals will not be charged anyway!

Q: How do I use a coupon code?
A: When you are at the kiosk, finish your selections and view your shopping cart. Select the “coupon” option and enter the code. The code then applies to that particular transaction.

Q: I forgot my coupon code or I forgot to enter it in my shopping cart! What do I do?
A: That bites. It really does. But you must have the code with you at the time of your purchase, and you must enter it before you withdraw the movies. Simply use it next time! We are not responsible for the loss of time-sensitive codes.

Q: Wait. I have a coupon for a free rental. Why do I have to swipe my credit card?
A: In the rare event you don’t return your movie or game, we’ll suck the purchase price out of your bank account. It’s a security deposit so that we get our movie back. Think of it as insurance. And if you think that's weird, Redbox does it too, so don't judge. But trust us: we’d rather have our movie back.

Q: I see "DVDNow" on some things, but you guys call yourselves "Omnibox". Which one is it?
A: We are Omnibox. Omnibox, Omnibox, Omnibox. Our supplier is DVDNow, so you never need to worry about them. Kind of like when you buy a sweater and resell it at a garage sale or something (or maybe you're one of those rare sweater entrepreneurs), even though it has "Tommy Hilfiger" plastered across the front. It doesn't mean you're Tommy Hilfiger, just that you're selling his stuff. Our entire company is Omnibox: it's what you'll see on banners, posters, websites, those little "do not remove under penalty of law" tags on mattresses...

“Uh-oh…” Support

Q: I didn’t get a receipt for my rental/purchase. How do I get one?
A: The kiosk itself does not issue receipts, but if you wish, you can enter your email when you first make your rental/purchase, and then go to our website at www.omniboxdvd.com and have a receipt emailed to you.

Q: What happens if I lose a movie or game?
A: In the unlikely event such a catastrophe occurs, call Customer Support at 1-(855)-OMNIBOX, or email us at Omniboxcs@gmail.com with the subject “Lost Disc”. If a movie is lost, you will not be charged each night’s rental fee, but unfortunately (and we say this with such sorrow) your card will be charged the purchase price of the disc and the lost title will officially be yours. So whatever you do, don’t put it with your car keys.

Q: What if the disc is scratched or does not work?
A: Please call your friends at Customer Support (1-855-OMNIBOX) within 3 hours of your rental, and you will not be charged. We suppose it goes without saying that you can’t keep the DVD out for a week and THEN tell us it’s not working, but you never know with some people. If you call after regular business hours, leave your name and number and we’ll return the call the following business day. Don’t worry: we’ll still count it as a call in the 3-hour range, so even if we’re not able to answer, you still won’t be charged. Simply return the bad DVD and rent another.

But what type of customer support would we be if we didn’t list off the possible reasons your disc may not be working in the first place? Sometimes grease, dirt, or dust accumulates on the disc. Simply wipe it with a non-abrasive cloth and see if that works. Also, surprisingly enough, sometimes the actual DVD player or game console may experience issues. Make sure your player/console is properly plugged in and hooked up to your television. You can test this with another movie or game you already have. Make sure your Xbox doesn’t have the Red Rings of Death. Nothing we can do about that. If that still doesn’t work, then yeah, better give us a call.

Q: What happens if I accidentally scratch or ruin the disc?
A: Oooh… Epic fail. Unfortunately, you are responsible for the purchase price of the movie or game.

Q: What happens if I mismatch the disc or the case when I return it? Say, the wrong disc in the right case or the right disc in the wrong case?
A: Ha. We thought of that. Our machines are programmed to read both the case AND the disc, ensuring that both are returned safely. An Omnibox will reject a return that does not have both the correct disc and the correct case. Please be sure both are intact before returning; we cannot be responsible for fees incurred if you return the wrong case/movie. This includes rentals from other kiosks or companies. That is, if you return the wrong movie and you have to go back home to get the correct disc and we charge you another day’s rental, it is still a mandatory fee. If you try to return a Redbox movie to an Omnibox kiosk and it makes you late returning it to the actual Redbox, well… that’s not our fault (shrugs).

Q: I rented a Blu-ray and it won’t play. What do I do?
A: First and foremost, make sure the movie you are trying to play is, in fact, a Blu-ray disc. If you are not certain, go online to Omniboxdvd.com and download your receipt. If you truly rented a Blu-ray disc, then please make certain the player on which you are trying to play the movie is, in fact, a Blu-ray player. You’d be surprised at how many people miss that. If it is either case, problem solved, but we do not give oops-I-forgot-I-needed-a-Blu-ray-player-for-a-Blu-ray-disc-and-vice-versa refunds. To save yourself some couch change, return the movie before the cutoff time and rent the correct version. But just to be sure, make sure there is no grease, dirt, or dust on the disc. And try again. And yes, Playstation 3s play Blu-ray discs.

Q: How can I tell the difference between a Blu-ray and a regular DVD?
A: The Blu-ray disc will say “Blu-ray”… Gave it the old college try, did you?

Q: What do I do if the kiosk is offline or the return slot won’t let me return my movie?
A: If the kiosk is offline, then someone's asleep at the switch, and heads will roll and pink slips will be handed out like the points on Who's Line Is It Anyway. In all probability, the only time the kiosk will be offline is if we're going out of business, which we hope you won't let happen, or if the store closes and shuts off the electricity. To which we would ask why you are in a darkened store after normal operating hours. Shady doings... As for the kiosk not letting you return your movie for any absurd reason (it doesn't happen often. Those kiosk obedience seminars are worth every penny), the most likely cause is... well, that you just didn't return it the right way. Yes, we know how anal we sound, but it's a necessity. Please make sure the "insert this way" sticker is face-up and the arrows are pointing toward the return slot, then insert the DVD. And if anybody is even thinking about making a joke about being anal and the "insert this way" stickers, please graduate high school and grow up.

If none of that works, you may also "return" the movie (that is, close your nightly fee incursions) to the host location's staff, who will issue you a receipt, and then call us at 1 (855)-OMNIBOX so we can close out your transaction so you won't continue to be charged. Make sure you do that last step; if you simply give the movie to the location's staff, your card is still being charged each night, and remember, we do not give refunds. Do not forget to call us so your fees will stop!

And for the craftier of our customers out there who want a cheap purchase, don't even try to call us without returning the movie. Yes, it will show up as a return, but it'll also show that its slot is empty. And then if we find out that the location staff did not recieve any physical returns, we'll know you kept it. And then we'll charge your credit card for the purchase price. Of course, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt and ask you to provide proof of your physical return via the receipt the staff would have given you (you'll take a picture of it and email us) if there is any discrepancy. Please keep that receipt up to 2 weeks. So please, be honest and just return the darn movie. We would rather not have to go all Big Brother on you.

Q: Is my credit/debit card information safe?
A: You card information couldn’t be more secure if we wiped the system after every transaction and rented movies out of the Pentagon. All communications use 128- bit SSL encryption, and, of course, the information is not stored in the actual kiosk. And you thought we just kept it under our mattress...

Q: Does Omnibox give my email address or any other sensitive information out to anyone?
A: Let's put it this way: even if the White Witch herself rode in on her sleigh (you'd have to hand it to her; that's no small feat in Vegas) and offered us a whole roomful of turkish delights, we would not give the hag your email address. Not without your permission, anyway. If you wish to receive special promotions directly from our advertisers, you'll be put on their mailing list with your express permission. But if not, then no one's going to touch your personal info with a ten-foot pole.

Q: What is Omnibox’s refund policy?
A: We do not give refunds out at any time. We can defer payment in the event that you cannot return a movie due to software or hardware issues with the kiosk, but otherwise, all transactions are final. At this point, it's probably best you familiarize yourself with that neat little curse they invented back in the late 1970s called "buyer's remorse". Awkward…

Q: I don’t see the answer to my question here. What now?
A: Boy, you’re an inquisitive one. But we’d like to think we have an answer for everything. Except the next March Madness roster. We probably wouldn’t be renting movies if we could do that. For anything else (concerning our kiosks) email us at omniboxcs@gmail.com with the subject “Possible FAQ”.

Anyone else catch that "selling free coffee" paradox at the top? Just checking.

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